Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces

Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces

Prevent surface oxidation with sealcoating in Madisonville, Athens, Maryville & Cleveland, TN

Did you just finish paving your asphalt surfaces? The job's not complete until you've applied a sealcoat 60-90 days after paving. Turn to King Asphalt Maintenance for sealcoating in Madisonville, Athens, Marryville, & Cleveland, TN.

Our sealcoating services are designed to:

  • Prevent water penetration damage
  • Protect your surface from harsh chemicals
  • Provide better weather protection

Extend the life of your asphalt surfaces. Call now to schedule residential and commercial sealcoating in the Madisonville, Athens, Marryville, & Cleveland, TN area.

Keep your asphalt surfaces in good condition

Over time, paved surfaces will begin to deteriorate. However, if you rely on King Asphalt Maintenance for asphalt services, you can extend the life of your pavement. We know how to slow down deterioration by filling cracks and applying sealcoating. The best time for sealcoating is when temperatures are above 70 degrees and humidity levels are below 60%.

Contact us today to get a sealcoating estimate in Madisonville, Athens, Maryville or Cleveland, TN.