Don't Let Your Driveway Ruin Your Curb Appeal

Hire our asphalt contractors in Madisonville, Athens, Maryville or Cleveland, TN for driveway repair

A cracked driveway can decrease the aesthetic of your home and damage your tires. Don't allow deep cracks or uneven slabs to spread. King Asphalt Maintenance will repair your driveway and restore it back to its original glory. You'll appreciate our timely and efficient driveway repair services.

If you're in Madisonville, Athens, & Cleveland, TN, call 423-519-0283 to schedule your repair.

How do you know when you need asphalt repair?

How do you know when you need asphalt repair?

Your parking lot or driveway endures a lot of wear and tear. These structural damages make driving and walking incredibly difficult. Over time, repair is needed to protect your investment. Such issues to look out for are:

  • Chemical-stained surfaces
  • Deep holes and wide cracks
  • Puddles and moisture accumulation
  • Sinking or eroding pavement


If you're experiencing these issues with your pavement, it may be time to call our asphalt contractors. We happily provide free estimates and a one-year service warranty. Call us now to schedule your asphalt repair in Madisonville, Athens, & Cleveland, TN.