Restore Your Damaged Asphalt

Restore Your Damaged Asphalt

Turn to the pros in Madisonville, Athens, Maryville & Cleveland, TN for asphalt repairs

Is your asphalt covered in potholes? Sounds like a problem that King Asphalt Maintenance serving Madisonville, Athens, Maryville and Cleveland,TN can fix. We specialize in asphalt repairs and can help restore and maintain your asphalt to make it last longer. Asphalt cracks can occur for many reasons, and it's important to schedule repairs right away to prevent further damage.

Call now for quality asphalt repairs in the Madisonville, Athens, Maryville & Cleveland, TN area.

4 common asphalt problems

Asphalt cracks can be dangerous and result in hazardous driving conditions. If asphalt repairs are neglected, your surfaces will deteriorate a lot faster, too. If you notice damage, get in touch with King Asphalt Maintenance right away.

Common asphalt issues include:

  • Alligator cracking: Often due to a weak surface or sub-grade
  • Block cracking: Usually caused by expanding and contracting pavement
  • Linear cracking: Results from pavement fatigue or poor joint construction
  • Depressions: Surface areas are lower than the surrounding pavement

King Asphalt Maintenance is equipped to patch and repair any asphalt damage on your property in the Madisonville, TN area, including Athens, Maryville and Cleveland, TN.

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