The Madisonville, Athens, Maryville & Cleveland, TN areas Can Have Unpredictable Weather

Protect your pavement from damage with asphalt sealcoating

When the rain beats down on your pavement, it can destroy the surface over time. Keep your driveway or parking lot protected with asphalt sealcoating. King Asphalt Maintenance will provide a protective sealing that defends against U.V. damage, oil or moisture. This service extends the life of your pavement and further protects your investment.

We also use asphalt sealcoating to effectively repair potholes or cracks. Call us now to schedule your service in Madisonville, Athens, & Cleveland, TN. We happily offer free estimates.

Driveway coating is a preventive option

Driveway coating is a preventive option

Since driveway coating offers a layer of protection to your pavement's surface, it's an ideal option for preventing future damage. It lessens the likelihood of cracks or holes developing, which could save you thousands of dollars on driveway repair.

Call us today to speak with one of our asphalt contractors based in Madisonville, Athens, & Cleveland, TN. All our services are protected under a one-year warranty.